Monday, September 20, 2010

Wookie! likes my baking...

He showed me this last night when he ate 3 1/2 of my Fiber One Banana Nut muffins . I bought the mix at the grocery store yesterday and baked them in the evening, leaving them on the counter to cool per the box instructions "cool completely before storing."  Little did I know that Wookie! (our cute teen puppy), who has never eaten anything off of a counter, would get the first crack at them.

We'd been hanging out in the living room all night and he beat me into the kitchen.  I don't know if time stood still. If he moved lightening fast (this is possible). If I moved very slowly (also possible).  I really don't know what happened, but by the time I got into the kitchen he was eating something off the floor. 

I saw crumbs. He looked happy. Not the tiniest bit guilty.

I counted my muffins, one of which was missing a chunk. There were only 8 that were untouched. Apparently, the little (55 lb.) cutie had a nighttime treat that did not consist of lamb flavoring.

We'd heard a story from a friend about his dog and Grape Nuts.  It wasn't pretty. We aren't the kind to take chances.  Poor Wooks! had to sleep outside.

Now I know he has a baked goods tooth. I will have be more careful in the future if I want to enjoy more of these in mine. 
It's a yummy afternoon treat!

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  1. Elsa used to help herself to whatever was on the counter. Pineapple upside down cake- ate the cake, left the pineapple. A butter dish (actually brought it down without breaking it) and once even bananas- peels were found in the hallway.
    We learned after that weekend not to let foods rest on the counter unsupervised. : )
    I miss that dog...