Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Needing versus Wanting

Justin likes to point out the obvious line between needing something and wanting something.  I can be a 5-year-old sometimes.   That said here are some things I need want. (inspired by Charlotte's Web)

1. I have some Converse that are like these but much older.  Like I-only-wear-them-to-the-dog-park-with-socks-I-don't-care-about-cause-there-are-holes-in-the-sides-of-them older .  I want some new ones, but maybe in a bolder blue? But these go so well with everything! Like everything, everything.

2. These are the converse I was thisclose to buying to wear during our wedding. But at the end of the day I'm not that original. Our colors were royal blue and cream.  It fit. And I still want. 

3. I need want a new pair of classic Reefs. Wookie! chewed the the strap on the ones I have and those we relegated to house only shoes a few months back.  Now do I go for the blue/black or the brown/tan ones

4. You know what would be nice? Some new sunglass that aren't so cheap the plastic coating starts to wear off after 3 months of good use.  Some polarized Ray-Bans would be ideal, perhaps these tortoise shell frame RB4140... with the polarized lenses of course.

5.  I have a shuffle and it does just fine at the gym, but what I really want is an iPod- I'm cool with the classic since my classic (which wasn't a classic when we bought it in 2005) died about 2 years ago and become a paperweight and now we can't find Justin's (poof it's disappeared like magic).  The only question is silver or black?  I'm thinking silver.   It's all about the music and the podcasts and the walking tours for Europe and the 160 GB of memory.  Have I ever mentioned my computer in college had a total of 4GB of hard memory. Yep- 4GB.  This thing holds 40 times that. FORTY!  We'd look a little silly sharing one machine and one headset.  Plus I think i can get some sort of rebate when I turn in my paperweight. And I hope to get the iPhone w/ Verizon when my current Verizon contract expires- hence the iPod Touch isn't on the table.

6.  I love books. Real books.  Smell like the public library books. Hardcover jackets that crinkle books.  But somethings got me thinking that an investment should be me in the digital age readers. So the question I posted on Facebook the other day was: Nook or Kindle? Kindle or Nook? Who has the same reading tastes and me and from whom can I borrow the most books?  The NookColor can get library books though. Oh the decisions. 

Justin- if you paid any attention at all- you will know want to get me each month for the next six months leading up to my 30th birthday. You know, once you hit a small lotto jackpot and we each get 4 new tires on our cars. 

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Google Ads are Funny.

So, there are some Google ads that appear on my blog and when you post
about Bacon Explosion one week and the Biggest Loser the next week, I
think the algorithm gets a little confused.  Why would I think that? Well it
served up an ad for a diet product up top and Gourmet Cheese Sticks
down below.

Note- I don't endorse either of these sites.  But cheese straws do sound delicious.
Just a little bit of randomness that I thought was interesting.  Google's a little to smart for it's own good sometimes!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Working with losers...

"Biggest Loser" style that is.  This Friday (2/18/11) our office, Anderson Marketing Group, is starting a biggest loser competition that will last 12 weeks. Of course during this 12 weeks we will be in Europe for about 2 weeks, but I figured I'd toss my hat and my $20 into the game. People in my office are bulking up for the competition, but I figure I need to work on not wanting to gnaw off my arm curbing my appetite before things start.  Getting my "om" on with yoga twice this week can't hurt with getting my energies balanced and my head in the right place.

Who will be Anderson's...

*Image from http://www.thebiggestloser.info/

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Bacon Explosion SB XLV

Tonight we will attend a viewing of Super Bowl XLV at the 3rd Annual Manfest. Justin's participation in Manfest begins with the making of Bacon Explosion. This thing even has a Wikipedia page. It's that official.  This is the second time he's made this and the second time we've had this much bacon in our house at one time.

Here's how our morning was spent...
First basketweaved layer of bacon

Justin working on his second layer.

Made with love.

A big plate of cooked bacon.

Sausage meat over the bacon.

Pepperoni over the sausage- Justin thought this would be a nice touch.

Pepperjack cheese- 9 slices of it- also another touch Justin thought would be nice.

All that bacon on top of the cheese.

The BBQ sauce is the final touch.

Everything all rolled into one giant loaf of meat.

4 hours later.

What's left in the pan (don't worry some of that is the cheese that melted out)
Now let's watch some football.

South Central Texas Snow Day

Those I know that blog and blogged about the snow day did it yesterday (here and here). I managed to post some pictures on Facebook and that was about it.  So I am going to talk about it now.

We woke up at about 7:15 (about 30 minutes earlier than we normally do) and from the bed could see the snow.  Justin got out of bed, grabbed the nice camera and Wookie! and went out.  I grabbed my phone camera and plopped down on a chair in the living room that offers a good view of the backyard (I did not feel the need to go out in it- I lived in Ohio until I was 8 and have done the whole walking to school in the snow thing). 

Wookie!'s excitement was really unbelievable.  He loved it out there with the snow. He tried to eat some, but mostly was interested in playing and running around. Here are some of the best shots of Friday morning.
Our backyard after the snow and before Wookie! hit it.

I LOVE THIS STUFF!!! (In my head Wookie! speaks in all caps like 99% of the time)




First I must sniff this.

Oh yeah, I was COMING TO GET YOU!

Oh wait, what's this?


The view from our front door.

The house from the street. Don't judge the Christmas lights. We do what we can.
We went to the dog park later in the day and we were not the only people who thought it might be good to finally get out there and let the animals run free.  Along the way though we did see enough abandoned cars to tell us what might have been had we tried to go to the office earlier in the day.  Yeah- we only got at most a 1/2" of snow, but what lay beneath was likely some ice that was way more treacherous.  I think our bosses made the right call in letting us stay home that day.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

My best ever____?

I'm feeling a little ho-hum these days and am thinking of ways to shake it up.  However we just got this blast of arctic air and it makes me want to crawl under the covers and invite the cats and Wookie! to join me. (I do not advocate getting the dog on the furniture).  I heard an article on NPR where this girl did an experiment in which she followed all of the trends presented in a teen magazine.  I'm not saying I would just follow trends, but maybe some other thing that will give me/make me the "best" ______ (fill in the blank).  I was looking at Shape the other day and noticed that the cover said get your best ever (insert body part here).  They do that a lot.  So if I follow their plan will I have my best ever (insert body part here).  Not the best. But my best. And let's be honest, I'm really at my best when I'm lazy too. Let's see if I can get something going once (if) the cold chill leaves my bones. 

(Partially inspired by Jen Lancaster's My Fair Lazy)