Sunday, April 24, 2011

Seven hours...

Seven hours is about the length of the work day for most people. Seven hours also happened to be the difference in time zones between San Antonio, TX and Rome, Italy.  Which is where we were two weeks ago today.

This week my friend pointed out to me that I hadn't posted anything since the spring forward time change. Honestly, the time change felt like it was less than two weeks ago and for me it kinda was since we were traveling.

The week or so leading up to our trip was a little bit crazy. I planned a surprise party for Justin's 30th birthday and it was awesome and actually surprised him, despite my constant paranoia about it.

Here's the cake in all its Gator Orange and Blue glory.

Back to our trip- we went to Paris and Rome and had quite an amazing time with a fine balance between the stuff you're supposed to see and the stuff we wanted to do (eat/drink/people watch).

We might not have seen it all, but we saw a ton. I will actually post more later. I pinky swear.

And it made us re-appreciate spending time together.  Now, Justin thinks a nice evening is drinking an awesome bottle of wine friends brought over to a past shindig and watching something fun on t.v.  Tonight's movie is Role Models on FX.  Tonight's wine is Saxon Brown's 2007 Semillon from Cricket Creek Vineyards in Alexander Valley.

If anyone wants to buy us a real a real flexible ice pack that would be fantastic. Tonight we went a little Whiskey Tango and used my eye mask that was in the freezer.

Here's hoping everyone had a wonderful Easter weekend!  We enjoyed lunch with our moms and Justin's Grandma, Sister and Brother-in-Law with a lunch at El Chaparral in Boerne.  And our awesome neighbor brought over some delicious homemade cheesecake with homemade crust and some homemade chocolate cakes.

And what could top an awesome day like today?

Tomorrow I have jury duty.

Can I bring bottle of white wine there? It's not metal, it should make it through the metal detectors, right?