Sunday, August 21, 2011

The big 3-0!

I started this blog a year ago tomorrow.  It was the day after my 29th birthday and I was having that last year of my twenties anxiety that seems to float around. Well, the year was amazing and this weekend we celebrated with a trip to South Padre Island. (Thanks to my free birthday day off from work!!)

The beach was awesome. The weather was gorgeous and the sun beat us into the cool ocean with its unbelievable heat.
Naturally, we had mimosas! We keep things classy with the strawberry garnish!
But we know how to have fun while on vacation too!
The amazing view from our amazing condo!
Justin's big beer and my sampler beer at Padre Island Brewing Company.
Birthday Bar-B-Q lunch at Van's on the way back from SPI.
I think the best Bar-BQ joint sausage I've ever had.
Homemade Chocolate Pecan Pie from my awesome friend and neighbor.
Other highlights:
  • Tossing the Frisbee on the beach.
  • Seeing what we thought were baby sharks in the water. (Highlight cause I'll never forget it.)
  • Awesome Friday night Fajitas.
  • A beautiful homemade birthday dinner by Justin: Wedge salad with blue cheese and bacon crumbles, Filet Mignon and shrimp with a Gorgonzola cream sauce, roasted asparagus and broccoli, oven baked macaroni and cheese, and an awesome chocolate cake with a fun frosting I picked out.  I was too busy eating to take pics of all of this awesomeness. 
  • Fun with Friends.
  It was a super fun weekend! I'm definitely stoked for the all the fun to come in the next year. 

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Oh Wookie!.

Our cute pup, who I prefer to think of curled into a giant puppy ball as seen here:

threw up. Yes. He threw up part of what appeared to be a towel he ingested. Normally this is not notable, but he is now sleeping in our bedroom at night. Not in our bed- that's like an extra person- but on the floor like the sweet puppy he is. 

But this morning at 5:30am- he threw up. I didn't take a picture to share because, really, who wants to see that? Definitely not me. And I had to get up close and personal with it to detect what it was. He has an old beach towel that he lays on to chew down his rawhides and he's torn it apart a bit too.  Well, he must have still had some chewing to do. And I have no idea how he managed to swallow it either. I also hoped this wasn't an omen as to how my day would go- so far, so good.

A contributing factor to this might have been all the bread he ingested on Monday. You might be thinking, "what are you talking about Ariana?" Well we had bought some yummy and delicious smelling King's Hawaiian rolls and 8 HEB Bolillo rolls and when I got home, they were gone, save a piece of cardboard wrapper and a shred or two of plastic bag. Our pup is apparently a carb addict just like his mommy.

For those concerned, he was his usually happy-go-luck self by the time we left for work.

Monday, August 15, 2011

My 30th Birthday Week!

The week leading up to my birthday suddenly got a whole light brighter when I found the following on my desk at work upon my return from lunch:

Pretty birthday flowers!
A balloon to go with them!
Everyone at work was confused and suddenly thought my birthday was today. But nooooo, my dear friend Amy (with an assist from my husband) sent them to me to start the week off the right way.

A bonus with these flower- they want you to reuse the vase so if you bring the vase and a coupon that came with them to a 1800flowers location they will fill the vase with $10 worth of flowers!  So it's like two gifts in one! And the closest location is only 5 minutes from my office. Winning!