Sunday, February 6, 2011

Bacon Explosion SB XLV

Tonight we will attend a viewing of Super Bowl XLV at the 3rd Annual Manfest. Justin's participation in Manfest begins with the making of Bacon Explosion. This thing even has a Wikipedia page. It's that official.  This is the second time he's made this and the second time we've had this much bacon in our house at one time.

Here's how our morning was spent...
First basketweaved layer of bacon

Justin working on his second layer.

Made with love.

A big plate of cooked bacon.

Sausage meat over the bacon.

Pepperoni over the sausage- Justin thought this would be a nice touch.

Pepperjack cheese- 9 slices of it- also another touch Justin thought would be nice.

All that bacon on top of the cheese.

The BBQ sauce is the final touch.

Everything all rolled into one giant loaf of meat.

4 hours later.

What's left in the pan (don't worry some of that is the cheese that melted out)
Now let's watch some football.

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