Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Needing versus Wanting

Justin likes to point out the obvious line between needing something and wanting something.  I can be a 5-year-old sometimes.   That said here are some things I need want. (inspired by Charlotte's Web)

1. I have some Converse that are like these but much older.  Like I-only-wear-them-to-the-dog-park-with-socks-I-don't-care-about-cause-there-are-holes-in-the-sides-of-them older .  I want some new ones, but maybe in a bolder blue? But these go so well with everything! Like everything, everything.

2. These are the converse I was thisclose to buying to wear during our wedding. But at the end of the day I'm not that original. Our colors were royal blue and cream.  It fit. And I still want. 

3. I need want a new pair of classic Reefs. Wookie! chewed the the strap on the ones I have and those we relegated to house only shoes a few months back.  Now do I go for the blue/black or the brown/tan ones

4. You know what would be nice? Some new sunglass that aren't so cheap the plastic coating starts to wear off after 3 months of good use.  Some polarized Ray-Bans would be ideal, perhaps these tortoise shell frame RB4140... with the polarized lenses of course.

5.  I have a shuffle and it does just fine at the gym, but what I really want is an iPod- I'm cool with the classic since my classic (which wasn't a classic when we bought it in 2005) died about 2 years ago and become a paperweight and now we can't find Justin's (poof it's disappeared like magic).  The only question is silver or black?  I'm thinking silver.   It's all about the music and the podcasts and the walking tours for Europe and the 160 GB of memory.  Have I ever mentioned my computer in college had a total of 4GB of hard memory. Yep- 4GB.  This thing holds 40 times that. FORTY!  We'd look a little silly sharing one machine and one headset.  Plus I think i can get some sort of rebate when I turn in my paperweight. And I hope to get the iPhone w/ Verizon when my current Verizon contract expires- hence the iPod Touch isn't on the table.

6.  I love books. Real books.  Smell like the public library books. Hardcover jackets that crinkle books.  But somethings got me thinking that an investment should be me in the digital age readers. So the question I posted on Facebook the other day was: Nook or Kindle? Kindle or Nook? Who has the same reading tastes and me and from whom can I borrow the most books?  The NookColor can get library books though. Oh the decisions. 

Justin- if you paid any attention at all- you will know want to get me each month for the next six months leading up to my 30th birthday. You know, once you hit a small lotto jackpot and we each get 4 new tires on our cars. 


  1. Love the sunglasses you posted and I think you should get the brown/tan reefs. I want a pair of leather reefs. Charlotte slobbered all over my ipod touch and broke it so I turned it in and got a new (same generation as my old one 2008) ipod touch for only $99. If I had wanted to upgrade to the new touch, it would have been some dinky discount.

  2. Dearest Ariana,

    Jesus Tapdancing Christ.

    You don't get monthly presents, no matter how important the impending birthday. If you want something, go get it. That is all.


  3. @David and Courtney- The brown/tans one are very similar to the ones Wookie! chewed up, so that would be appropriate. I'll see what Apple will give me for my old one, but I'm not holding my breath. I guess baby slobber can be more than a little destructive!

    @Justin- I like the little reality I've created on here. Thank you for the Nook Color.


  4. I approve of the Ray Ban's only...