Thursday, September 30, 2010

Walking Wookie!...

This dog loves a walk.  He will even sit when told to do so cause he knows we have to put that leash on him.  Of course the moment you go near he freaks out and puts his paw up, cause we smartly taught him how to high-five and give hand shakes, and the paw pushing on your arm can make things difficult.  But he's cute. So he's forgiven.

Upon exiting the house Wookie! jumps and grabs for the leash with his chompers.  He then pulls and tugs. He jumps some more. Once Wookie! settles in to the walk he likes to stay ahead.  If you move faster, he moves faster and this is usually the view.
Look at how high that tail is!

He does stop though.  Attempting to pick up bits of who-knows-what. Or to stop and smell the flowers.

Those are pretty flowers, but those people need to trim their trees, it's hard to see around them. Wait. When did I get old?

I'm not that old though, at the end of the walk, I'm still standing.

And Wookie! is pooped out.

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