Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Cupcakes not from scratch...

I baked 2 dozen cupcakes last night. Justin and I split one. Well he had a bite, I had the rest. I brought 23 into work.  There were 2 left at lunchtime. 

The lonely two.
It's been crazy busy at work.  Someone was sweet enough to bring treats on Monday and it lifted everyone's spirits.  I'd bought the goods for the cupcakes on Sunday and figured that a mid-week pick-me-up would do everyone some good too. We are a group that enjoys food.

This morning people asked me what I used to make them and I told them it was H-E-B's brand.  One of my co-workers said that her box mix cupcakes don't turn out so well.  I was proud of my little 1984 oven at that moment.

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