Tuesday, September 14, 2010

It's not vegan if there's cheese...

Fact.  But I'm not vegan.  Fact.  I am not however I die-hard meat eater.  So I look for alternatives and found this awesome recipe site: Fat Free Vegan The tagline says the recipes are "Sinlessly Delicious."  They are in fact sinlessly delicious.  I think this remains true even with skim milk cheese. Fact.

I've now made two recipes from this site, with some minor (major if you're vegan) modifications.  I added cheese. I love cheese. Potato heart cheese.  (Mmm cheese and potatoes.) I need cheese to heal my cooking wounds.

I may have mentioned the fact that my husband is eating his thing and I am eating mine so I cook one awesome thing and eat it all week.  I obviously don't mind leftovers.

From this site I've made: Enchilada Casserole (I don't care for the Mexican Lasagna name) and the Mushroom and Spinach Lasagna (I think lasagna fits here).

Here's some pics from all the cooking fun:
I made the Enchilada Casserole last week (9/6-9/10).  I basically followed the recipe but added some shredded cheese when doing the layers and put some sour cream (not vegan) on top when I served it. To myself.

All the ingredients, minus the cheese, I realized later that enchiladas just aren't without cheese.
The red and green peppers and a chopped up Serrano.  Yeah, I grabbed that cause there were no jalapenos.  Milk please.

All the peppers, onions and yummy garlic cooking up.

Enchilada sauce simmering.

This time I was smarter about cutting the tomatoes.

The finished product... see the cheese!

This fed me for like a week at least 3 lunches and a couple of dinners and even a snack.

I made the Mushroom and Spinach Lasagna on 9/12/10. For this I reduced the amount of firm tofu and put in about 8 oz of fat free Ricotta and added some shredded Mozzarella.  Remember I heart cheese, but I also need protein.
I can boil water!

The mushrooms were pre-sliced, I ended up chopping them up a bit too.  I did the garlic myself.

The mushroom and garlic sauteing in water.  I love the smell of garlic cooking.

I love HEB's pasta sauces.  Another fave is the Pomodoro with black olives. 

The sauce and garlicky mushrooms melding their tasty flavors

The stuff that makes the spinach creamy.

Yay Cuisinart.  The spinach and 8 oz. of tofu.

Yummy cheese.

What more garlic!?. Yes. More garlic. There was salt too.

Everything blended until smooth.

Sauce, noodles, filling and more cheese. 

                You caught me.  I didn't separate my noodles properly.  They were a mess. Didn't change the taste though. 

Yummy in my tummy.
This is currently feeding me and is delicious.  Dinner. Lunch. Dinner. Dinner. And so on. Yesterday this was part of my first Meatless Monday. Justin currently looks at my food with envy.

I plan to try more and will post those when they happen.

So what are you in the mood for?  Mexican or Italian.

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  1. Ariana, everything you make sounds heavenly. I was so excited that someone else besides me uses tofu to make a creamy sauce. We can't do cheese, but I found that nutritional yeast flakes (different from baker's yeast) has a cheesy taste when mixed with a few other spices and also adds B-12, something that our dairy/egg/nut-free family lacks. If you add some vegan butter to it and blend it all up, it tastes like alfredo sauce minus the stuff N's allergic to. Anyway, thanks for blogging about this stuff. Even though we can't eat all of these foods, I am used to modifying everything, and your recipes give me ideas for our next meal planning week :)