Thursday, September 9, 2010

Get involved...

This is a little more serious. It's about getting involved. Getting involved in your community and giving back.  It can be as easy as walking some cute dogs at a local animal shelter or as real as reality gets and becoming a volunteer at a nonprofit organization that deals with sexual assault.  This weekend I officially begin my Junior League of San Antonio volunteer placement with a San Antonio organization, Family Endeavors Fairweather Family Lodge, that helps women and their children.  These are families with histories of homelessness and the organization works with them to make sure they don't end up in that position again.
From their website: "The program opened in 2004 as a way to assist homeless women with mental illness and their children.  The Fairweather Family Lodge was developed as a place that nurtures development and provides a safe environment for these families to stabilize, grow and remain together."

We will be working with the women on basically anything with which they want help. I am a co-chair for the placement and this is the first year, so there may be some challenges in figuring out exactly where our road map is taking us, but we plan to help the families create positive experiences that they can take with them wherever they go.

This topic came to mind because we attended the 35th Anniversary Partners in Change Gala for the Rape Crisis Center of San Antonio.  The statistic for sexual assault are mind boggling and scary and really need to be combated. 

My dear friend, and one of my husband's colleagues, is on the board and it is always a prideful moment when they acknowledge here and the support she helps to provide them. This is her passion and how she gives back to the community.  Because the reality is that every statistic is not just a number. It's a person.

How will you help to change tomorrow?

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