Wednesday, September 1, 2010

"Something cuisine"...

That's what Justin said Chairman Kaga says at the beginning of the battles on the original Iron Chef.  I did a little digging. Well, one Google search really, and Wikipedia told me that he actually says "Allez cuisine"  which translates from French as "go cook".
The Chairman with his trademark bell pepper.
 This show has become a regular 10 p.m. fixture (found on the Cooking Channel) in our house Monday- Thursday if Justin is home.

He is hoping every episode will be the live octopus episode they show in the opening credits.  I am not sure what he will look forward to in the evenings once he has seen that.

Not everything is that exciting.  Last week they had a potato battle.  Don't get me wrong, I love potatoes.  Baked, fried, in breakfast tacos and frittatas, Gimme my root starch and I'll figure out a way to eat it. 
Did a Google images search for "potato" and I got this.
 I should live in Idaho, but those winters would do me in.

Chairman Kaga Image from: via a Google images search.
Potato Image from: via a Google images search.

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