Monday, September 27, 2010

Making Substitutions...

In baking, usually from a box, I've tried the ol' applesauce for oil switcheroo. I've always been pleased with the results. Today's muffin treat is no exception.  I made my Fiber One Banana Nut Muffins (and Wookie! didn't get any) with 1/4 cup of unsweetened applesauce instead of the multiple tablespoons of vegetable oil the recipe calls for.  Also, subbed in two egg whites for the one egg.  These directions were on the box. I didn't make anything up. It saved 3 grams of fat and I don't know how many calories. No really, I don't know.  I recycled the box last night.

After all that, I really think the muffin tasted better than the muffins last week.  The one I ate today was more moist and I think just tastier as a whole than any from the previous batch.

I looked up the substitution online to see if there are any rules of thumb about the whole thing and the only consensus I seemed to find was that it's a one for one substitution. So according to the calculations of Ask Dr. Math the original recipe used 4 tablespoons.  I don't recall putting that many in the mix.  I just followed the directions.  I leave the higher mathematical conversions to people like Dr. Math (whose website I had never seen before today's Google search).

Since I don't bake that often and I otherwise dislike applesauce (seriously, it ranks pretty low on my list) I was smart this time and bought the individual serving cups so that I won't waste a whole jar of the appley goodness that is safely on the shelves in stores for those who appreciate it on its own. Proof that I learn from my past.

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