Thursday, May 12, 2011

The ground was thirsty...

It hadn't rained here in a long time. The last time precipitation touched the ground might have been during the great South Central Texas Snow Day. But, that all changed today when it rained. Which means our pool probably won't get cleaned. Which means Justin will have to clean it. But I digress into #firstworldproblems.

This is a pic of what it looked like from our office before the rain started.  The clouds are cool and at the same time a little freaky. 

Here's a pic of when the rain started.  The sky isn't as impressive looking, but it's still a little crazy. 
Hopefully this rain is recharging the Edwards Aquifer. Which will help everyone. And make everyone feel better because they know we have water.  Hopefully this rain will stop before the ground is totally saturated and flooding starts. We flood here pretty easily.  I don't know all the science behind it, but it seems like the ground just doesn't know what to do with all the water. 

At any rate, cheers to the rain and all those who danced for its arrival!

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