Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Red hot...

This one is about the color red. The life it breathes into some old folding chairs. The fact that they now look hot(t- added for those who like super slang).

We inherited some chairs from hosting some poker parties at our place and they found an unfriendly home on our back porch. This is one of them. 
No way would this tush touch that seat.
This is not the worst of them. I am too ashamed of those to post pics.

This is how this baby looks with a shiny, happy coating of pocket book friendly (read found on sale!) red Rustoleum spray paint.  
I'd sit on that!
We have 4 or 5 chairs.  I completed 2.5 of them.  We greatly underestimated the amount of paint needed to complete the job. Justin bought more today on his lunch break, but sadly it was no longer on sale.

Sidenote: Justin commented on my ability to make sure I didn't miss the ground. Well, when we go to make a pretty little garden back there, all that stuff will get covered up anyway. You might be asking yourself when you'll be able to pick up fresh produce from the Barbour market.  We'll talk later. Much later

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