Sunday, August 22, 2010

Just pick one already...

That's what I was saying to myself as I thought about what to name this blog.

My husband said "You're doing this for yourself right- cause I wouldn't expect people to read it."
I said "yes," while secretly dreaming of world domination through the written word and my own narcissistic introspection.

Reality check:
If people read it that would be great, if not, then that is fine too.  I get to document what I want to try to do to satisfy my curiosity about what makes me happiest.  Not that life is bad.  Not by any means.  I n fact life is great.  I work with good people, I belong to a volunteer organization, I have great friends and I just turned 29.

I think it was the 29 thing. I remember thinking hard about the fact that I was another decade older when I turned 20.  Well the next decade mark will be 30.  It seems like 30 has become this new marker with this significance I never thought I would grant it.

I know a lot is going to happen in the next year and I want to focus on some things.  I actually had a list of things I could focus on.  I like lists.

But first things first- gotta have a name for the blog.

In a nod to my dear friend who thoughtfully defined the words that perfectly defined her, I did some thinking with the dictionary in my lap and to define the titles for my blog and I chose Corkscrew Curiosity.

Corkscrew vt
1. Wind
2. To draw out with difficulty
3. To twist into a spiral
4. To move in a winding course

Curiosity n
1. Desire to know
2. Nosiness
3. Interest leading to inquiry

Hopefully I can ask some good questions and fulfill whatever nagging need I apparently have to create something.  Thanks for sharing in the journey!

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