Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Calphalon Discovery...

So my T.V.-watching-habit-hating husband (more on that another time) came home to me eating a potato and asparagus frittata. I said he should try it. He said "this is really good- is it homemade?" I started to tell him the ingredients and he said "Wait, this is homemade- I thought it came out of a box." Ah true love. He doesn't get any for lunch tomorrow.

What does this exchange have to do with the discovery I made with my Calphalon Contemporary Non-stick Cookware.  I had never thought to look to see if I could put it in the oven until I looked at "time-friendly" recipe that required putting the pan in the oven to finish off the dish. 

Time-friendly is in quotes because the cookbook said 30 minutes.  That's if everything is prepped.  Everything was not prepped. Everything had to be measured and the asparagus, potato and onion has to be cut up.  Onions make me cry.  They make some people tear up.  They make me cry.  Yes, I am whining, but if you read the beginning you see what my sacrifice got me.  A little bit of mocking.
Fruits of my labor.
Ok, he can have some if he wants some, while it is delicious, I don't want to have to eat it all by myself. Even though it's not bad for you- thank you 8-year old Weight Watchers cookbook. This is the book on Amazon: Make it in Minutes.  So while you can make something in minutes, the minutes don't necessarily include prep time, so just add in a little according to your skill level and F.Y.I. my knife skills are crap.  If you would like to make them better please send me to a HEB Central Market class. My birthday was last weekend and Christmas is only 4 months away.

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  1. It sounds and looks so yummy, Ariana! And I concur, onions can be very upsetting. I read somewhere that sticking them in the fridge just before cutting them will supposedly reduce the chemical that causes the tears, but it only works every now and then for me. Very cool about the Calphalon discovery, as well.