Wednesday, August 25, 2010


My husband, Justin, had soccer on when I got home from work.  It was also on when we got back from the gym and were making dinner.  I have the World Cup to thank for this. Before the 2010 World Cup Justin was into EPL (English Premiere League).  He had one jersey for his team, Stoke City Potters.  My mom and I bought it for him for his birthday.

Soccer Widow, Golf Widow.  The difference is I lose sleep on a Saturday morning.
 I guess it is partially our fault.  He loved the jersey.  He wore it during the World Cup, even though he wasn't once routing for England- they weren't in his soccer bracket. He ended up winning the bracket with his teammate. I was glad for him. It was a pride thing and a decent chunk of change.

The whole thing did make me glad it only comes 'round once every four years. He fell in love with soccer players from other leagues, bought three more jerseys with his winnings and now he seems to be content to sit down and watch any game.  Maybe it isn't just any game, but it looks like any game to me.  It's not USA or Stoke, so hand over the remote so I can watch Project Runway.

The fact that soccer and football season take place side by side is why Justin now has a HD DVR hooked up to the T.V. in his office. Seriously.

The other side of this coin is that I can now record whatever I want on the main DVR and not have to worry about missing an episode online if I don't watch for say, a month. I'm very busy. Can't you tell?

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