Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Week 7 of Couch to 5K

Oh week 7. How I thought I would surely have to lay down in the front yard of some random house, pause the music and call Justin to come pick me up.  (That could've been awkward for everyone.)

Twenty-five minutes in my neighborhood goes by faster than on the treadmill, but wait, what! That street is way more sloped than I thought it was when I walked Wookie! on it the other day. Tricky street. And that street wasn't alone.  I knew it felt too good jogrunning (yes, it is a verb and a noun) down the street before so, so you when I reverse my route, the pain of the uphill climb is just closer to the end of the jogrun, and let's be real folks- I'm definitely not faster at the end of a run than I am at the beginning.

Three days of 25 minute jogruns. Outside. Oh, but there was some magic that occurred on one of these runs.  Let's take a look at the breakdown that's provided by the lovely mapmyrun.com:

Day 1: I covered 2.36 miles in 37 minutes and 13 seconds at an average pace of 15:47 per mile (or 3.8 miles per hour)

Day 2: I covered 2.39 miles in 36 minutes and 13 seconds at an average pace of 15:09 per mile (or 3.9 miles per hour)

Day 3: I covered 2.39 miles in 35 minutes and 13 seconds at an average page of 14:44 per mile. That is just over 4 miles per hour!!!!!! I finally broke the mark!  Something is going in the right direction!! Woohoo!!!

Here's when the Pinspiration from Pinterest.com comes in:

From: http://wanttobehealthynhappy.tumblr.com/
I've only, only, got one more day left in week 8. Way past half way there. Suck it zombies.

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