Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Week 6 of Couch to 5K

I'm fully aware that zombies will eat anything. But that's only if they catch me.  I am totally counting on the kind that won't evolve they way they've done in The Walking Dead. 

Right now I am one jogrun away from the end of week 8 so week 6 seems like an eternity ago.  It was the last week with any "short" jogruns. (In the past I mentioned that I would be calling the "runs" jogruns, because I am sinking-in-quicksand slow.)

Short jogruns in week 6 were 5, 8 and 10 minutes long. At the time, that also felt like an eternity.  I did the final 25-minute long run of that week at the gym. On a treadmill. I wanted to stop running all together. It felt like it was never going to end.

I also can't remember how far I went on the treadmill that day.  I did however track my outdoor runs using mapmyrun.com. I still think my neighborhood is hilly. I am sure I am sorely mistaken, but to me it seems like a miniaturized version of the swiss alps. (Not really, but my husband says that I am prone to exaggeration, so I'll take the liberty to exaggerate here.) 

Day one of week 6 went a little something like this: 2 miles in 33 minutes and 39 seconds at an average pace of 16:47 per mile (or about 3.6 mph).

Day two of week six went more like this: 2.21 miles in 37 minutes and 33 seconds at an average pace of 17:01 per mile (or about 3.5 mph- I think the me from two days before over did it).

I'm pretty sure on the indoor jogrun I must have hit 2 miles. So that's what I'll give myself some credit for in this.

For week 6 I completed approximately 6.21 miles.
In total through week 6, I completed 35.35 miles.

Found some great inspiration on Pinterest.com, but I'm saving that for a week 7 or week 8 post.  So you'll have to come back and read those.

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