Sunday, October 2, 2011

Fourth day to 5K

Technically day 4 is day 1 of week 2!  I've graduated to the second week.  Or at least stumbled into it and managed to keep moving.  

I was talking to my significant other, Justin, about something I experienced during the first week. Rather than feeling time was on my side and rushing by, it felt like it was crushing me. The amount of time left in every sixty second interval during which I was running felt like an eternity. 

My solution? 
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A towel over the part of the treadmill that said the time remaining/expired. And I turned off the T.V. too and tried to just get lost in the music.  I think this helped a little bit. Of course my mind still tried to figure out the time left by looking at the mileage.  I even toyed with the idea of cutting a hole in my towel so that the only thing I could see would be the mph. 

I am neurotic. 

On to the stats. In about 30 minutes I did 1.91 miles, at an incline of 1 at an average pace of 3.8 mph. YAY! 

I then hit the leg machines cause I figure it can't hurt. Or if it does then it's just me getting stronger or something. Right?

Also, today I re-downloaded the iphone app My Fitness Pal.  I'd done it once before and for some reason stopped using it, but I think it will help me reach my goals. And boy do those calories go in a hurry. 

Now I just need to add some Rosetta Stone time into my day and I'll be on the right track all around. Hasta Luego!

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