Thursday, September 29, 2011

Third day to 5K

So all I could think while pounding the treadmill at a blazing 4.8 mph (instead of the 5 mph I did the previous two days) was "Man, it isn't any easier to 'run' for 60 seconds."

Which is partly why I slowed it down, cause if I'm ever going to make it farther going faster than a fast walk, then I need to be able to more comfortably make it through these intervals.  

But I still felt kinda down on the whole thing. 

Then I went to my Pinterest board "Words Matter" and re-read this little ditty that I re-pinned:
Source: here
Cue the "duh" moment.

In just over 29 minutes I still managed to do about 1.8 miles at an incline of 1 going an average of 3.7 mph (I think this is magic- cause I don't know how that remains the same).

So I should say "yay me!"

In the words of Santigold: "I got to be unstoppable." (Disclaimer: this was playing on one of my Spotify playlists while I wrapped up the post, hence the inspiration.)

If you aren't familiar with it here's the song (no crazy video this time.) Enjoy!


  1. Great Job A!!!! It takes time but you will get there soon and you will love the feeling when you cross the finish line!

  2. Thanks! One foot in front of the other.