Sunday, October 9, 2011

Day 7 to 5K

So, this morning we went to Anytime Fitness and I hopped on the treadmill, fully aware of the fact that I was going to have to keep up a faster pace for 3 minutes at least twice during the workout. 

Somewhere along the way I must have missed a cue and I didn't end with the last long run. I'll pay more attention next time- or maybe I'll listen to it before the next run so that I have a better idea of what to expect. 

Anyway there are still stats to report and in about 27 minutes, on an incline of 1 at an avg speed of 3.9 mph I did 1.75 miles. 

On the entertainment front we just watched what we're calling the mid-season premiere and man was that a heavy episode. They talked about taking a hard left in this episode and it seems like the creators took a hard left. 

We'll see how this plays out. If you want to see the episode you can see "Ass Burgers" here, but you should really see the episode before it "You're Getting Old" first.

Now to clean the pantry and do more laundry. Yay Sunday!

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