Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Pinterest Zucchini Chips

So I spend a lot of time Pinning stuff on Pinterest.  Probably part of why I'm not blogging super regularly.

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I've actually done some of the stuff I've seen on Pinterest.

The shoe organizer on the back of the door to hold cleaning supplies? Done it.

The binder clip to keep that pesky phone cord off the floor cause bending over every night to pick it up is just simply annoying? Done it.

What I do most often though is cook the recipes I see on there. We use the word "often" loosely here.

So I saw this awesome picture of Zucchini Chips and pinned it for the recipe. I link to the recipe because it seems like the right thing to do. I cooked mine in our "vintage" 1984 oven at the lowest temp possible, because  I do not own the dehydrator that the recipe calls for. But I bought the zucchini for this purpose and I'd be damned if it wasn't getting cooked at some impossibly low temperature for 4 hours.

Maybe read instructions for something throughly before you buy more zucchini than you could normally consume. Learn from me people.

Ok, please go look at the recipe and the picture there, or the one that I pinned. And then, only then, should you look at my pictures below. You need a point of comparison for a reality check.

A side note: I used the slicer attachment on my Cusinart for the first time e-v-e-r. This is the Cusinart my Dad gave me when I graduated school, that was already probably 10-12 years old at that time. This puppy still has juice. And it looks "vintage." So yes, those are the instructions lying on the counter in this first picture of the first thing I ever sliced with the slicing attachment.

Yay, I know how to use the slicer attachment!
They don't lie, that blade is sharp!

Some of you are looking good.
Some of you are looking more chewy than crisp.

Maybe they look burnt, but they tasted crispy.
Again, compare to the original pin for  a little chuckle.
Now, I know that I HAVE to get a dehydrator. Justin's gonna love that request.

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