Sunday, July 29, 2012

Half-Marathon Training- Week 10

The USAFIT website is kindly reminding me that the half-marathon is only 105 days away.

And yesterday, was a 5-mile route along the "scenic" frontage road of 1604.

As my friend Erica was passing me by, we waved and then a crazy driver tried to take us out. Not really, but it felt like that. Obviously, when I told my husband the story he was even more excited about the fact that we'll be on a greenway next week.

I don't know how precise Map My Run always is, but it says I did 5.56 in 1:25:11. So that's an average jogrun of 3.9 mph. I hope it's those hills slowing me down.

Here's the route we did:

The best/worst part about completing the Saturday morning route is coming home, cleaning up and getting the rest of a good night of sleep. It's amazing sleep.

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