Sunday, January 30, 2011

Ow! I mean Om...

Today, I did yoga for the first time since doing Bikram (or hot yoga) back in December 2010.  When I did Bikram I'd consider it a win that I didn't pass out or toss my cookies after the class.  The heat was oppressive and my liquid intake probably was not high enough before the class.  I spent a lot of it lying on my back trying to not die.  (I might not be exaggerating)

With today's class- LifePower Vinyasa 2- I felt good throughout the class. My gym's (LifeTime) description of the class is: Literally turn up the heat in this energetic, intermediate level flow class that introduces more advanced poses and sequences with optional inversions while enjoying the benefits of a warmer environment.

I knew I was pushing myself, but never did I feel the awful feelings I had during the Bikram.  I felt the residual effects throughout the day too.  It is something I'm sure I'll feel over the next couple of days too. 

The class is something I want to try to get back in my routine and then maybe soon enough, instead of saying "ow" my body will go with the flow and will be going "ahh" "om".

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