Friday, January 6, 2012

Getting back in the groove!

Over the holidays I did a lot of stuff.
  • Hung out with family
  • Hung out with friends
  • Went to the dog park with Wookie!
  • Caught up on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, New York and Orange County (Thanks Dad!)
  • Went to the Hill Country(Boerne and Fredericksurg)
  • Saw a movie
  • Went to the Riverwalk and saw the lights.
  • Ate. A lot. 
    • I ate a lot of good food at good restaurants and at home.

What I didn't do:
  • Keep up with my running from my couch to 5K training. (Or much exercise period, unless you count Wii bowling, tennis and golf.)

So this week I  did the following:
  • Got back into the gym with a friend on Wednesday
  • This morning my office announced another Biggest Loser (Girls vs. Girls and Boys vs. Boys so I might stand a chance with no Europe trip (Sad Pandain the middle of it.) 
  • This afternoon I hit the pavement with Wookie! and did 2.73 miles in 50 minutes
This was not bad for the first time on the streets since early December 2011.  My jogrun was decent, but something was off in my shoes and I ended up walking probably half the time. (And I was getting some awful side stitches.) Apparently, when bonding with Wookie! at the dog park I used some old crummy sneakers and put my good insoles (that help me combat the awesomeness that is plantar fasciitis) in them. 

I never moved the inserts back into my workout/running shoes. (Face.palm.)

I realized this after my workout at the gym on Wednesday when my shoes felt loose.  I remembered laying the inserts next to my sneakers to put them in before the next gym trip and apparently I didn't realize I didn't have them in until I was a 1/3 mile from my house. Far enough to not turn around.

So at about 2 miles in my feet said no more and it took the other 0.73 to get home.  Wookie! was also throwing in the towel and has been recovering ever since we walked in the door.  

Yay for a tired puppy letting us sleep in tomorrow morning!

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