Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Fredericksburg's The Rathskeller

Justin and I spent a couple of awesome days in Fredericksburg, TX, before the new year. During this wonderful little trip we were lucky enough to stumble into the Rathskeller for breakfast.  It was across the street from the Fredericksburg Brewery Bed and Brew where we stayed.

If you do one thing while you are in Fredericksburg you should eat breakfast at the Rathskeller.
Image from Trip Advisor
Justin ordered and enjoyed an awesome spin on the typical corn beef hash concept.  His had duck, with perfectly juicy skin. I was jealous when I saw his plate, but that was before I really paid attention to mine. I ordered the smoked salmon on potato patties with over easy eggs, sour cream and caviar. After one bite I realized I needed to replicate this awesome meal at home. While the combination might sound crazy, it's really just crazy good.

I made it and you should too, especially if you can't get to Fredericksburg.

It was pretty simple:

What you need for one plate:
  • Two potato patties
  • Two to Three large thin slices of smoked salmon
  • Two eggs that you'll cook to your liking. (I'm an over easy girl)
  • Sour Cream (full fat, low fat, no fat- you pick your poison), top to your liking
  • Two to three teaspoons Yellow caviar (or roe)

Now to put it all together:

1. Bake frozen potato patties according to package instructions. (I said simple right! I'm not making these from scratch, through the Rathskeller might've.) You should be able to find these in the frozen food section.  Heck, I bet pre-made hashbrown patties would be pretty tasty too. (I'm kinda hoping it goes without saying that you then put them on a plate next to each in the fashion seen below.)

2. Lay two-three large slices of smoked salmon across the top of the potato patties.

3. Carefully, oh so very carefully, place the almost perfectly cooked over easy eggs (or however you take them) on top of the salmon, one egg per patty. (I cooked them while the potato patties were baking.)

4. Top with sour cream and caviar.  (I might have gone over board on both here, but Justin didn't complain about it.)

Then just dig in and enjoy!  Sorry no pictures of the empty plates.  You'd probably think they looked weird anyway because we licked them clean. (Just kidding about licking them clean. Sorta.)

The awesome thing about this meal, is you don't have to wait until the morning to eat it, this would be great anytime of the day!

I guess this can be filed under healthy cooking, if you really do bake the potato patties, go with fat free sour cream, and aren't as heavy handed as I was with it.