Monday, October 27, 2014

West Texas Road Trip

Part 1 of 5! 

Why West Texas?  Well there’s a not so little running distance called a marathon and a not so big town in west Texas also called Marathon.  A few years ago someone cleverly decided to create the Marathon to Marathon. Fortunately they also offered the distances of a half marathon, 10K and 5K. Justin and I did the 10K.
We decided that if we were going all the way out to this area of Texas (an area we shamefully hadn’t been to before) that perhaps it would make sense to make this more than just a long weekend and we made a real trip of it.

Justin and I skedaddled out of town as quickly as possible on a Tuesday evening to avoid the after work rush hour traffic.
We headed off into the sunset, because we were driving west after all, and naively thought we would get to enjoy some good BBQ on the way out. As it turns out most things close early in some small towns and we ended up eating some Hunger Busters from Dairy Queen.  I don’t think I’ve seen as many different Dairy Queens over the course of 5 days as I did in West Texas.  It is definitely the most prolific fast food chain in this area of the state.

The view of the sunset from the road.

Our destination on day one was Indian Lodge in Davis Mountains State Park and while we pulled in rather late- around 10pm- their desk is open 24/7 and they have what must be some of the nicest people working for them.

Despite being in a place with absolutely no cell service we had a great TV in the room. 
We determined that the bamboo in the ceiling covering was not from the area. 

The wood furnishings were no joke. I was a little afraid someone would stub a toe! 

I loved this extra little make-up seating area in our room.
Plus the mirror frame matches everything else!
Unfortunately (for us but good for mother nature) they were getting some much needed rain at the time we arrived so we didn’t get to do any stargazing that night.  Feeling pretty beat from the drive out there, we hit the hay so we could wake up early the next morning and go for a hike in our beautiful surroundings.

Ready for day two? You bet you are.
Can it get even better? Maybe it did on day three.
F is for fun and day four!

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