Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Aha! Moment- RAISE Your Facebook Influence

I don't have them often. Aha! moments. It's really quite rare.

Today while working on a social media recommendation for a client I had one.

That rare moment when you wonder why your genius doesn't shine through all the time. Not that this is Einstein level genius. But no-duh genius.

There are a million and one ways to recommend people work on increasing their influence on Facebook. I just came up with an acronym to make it easier.  This was an organic process that actually evolved into what you will see below. Brand new and and thought up by yours truly.

If you want to RAISETM your brand's influence on Facebook you can start by doing the following:

Reply- to posts and recommendations from fans and other brands, at least like them!
Ask (for engagement)- On Facebook it's one of the few places where it's acceptable to Ask people to like something you do or comment on something you posted.
Inform- use your posts to Inform fans about topics related to your page, or anything that you think they'll like!
Share- make sure to share posts by other brands and tag them so they see you doing it. It should relate to what you do and never conflict with your goals- both online and offline.
Entertain- people are more likely to like something you post if it is Entertains them. A comic, or a funny cat video. Whatever makes someone giggle is more to get shared with their friends too.

There you go. Five seemingly easy steps to RAISETM your influence on Facebook. You can book me (Ariana Barbour) for speaking engagements. I'm actually quite entertaining despite the recent barrenness of my blog.

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