Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Anyone have an extra three hours lying around...

or do I just need to sleep less. I'm an 8-hour sleeper people. 

But is that the key, go to bed later, wake up earlier and get more done? Seriously, I don't know how some people squeeze everything they do into their day.  Yes, this is a little bit of a whitewhine.com complaint, but yesterday my day was like a blur. 

6:40 am Up to walk Wookie! with Justin.
8 am Dressed for work and drinking my breakfast smoothie
8:30 am At work and busy bee until lunch
Lunch- home for lunch, chatted with my pal and started pricing stuff for our yard sale this weekend
Back to work by 1:30 pm and busy, busy, busy until 6 pm
6:20 pm Back home and inspected the fact that the house was 85 degrees. Reported my findings to Justin. Changed for the gym. Made a snack and waited for Justin to fix the AC. And yes, I played some Words with Friends. 
7:15 pm at the gym for a class so that we were home by 8:30
9:15 pm feasting on a dinner of grilled salmon, grilled zucchini, convection oven roasted brussel sprouts and red potatoes while watching South Park
9:55 pm Rosetta Stone to prep for my studio session en espanol with a native speaker that I have at 10 pm tonight. 
11:10 pm Made one last move in my Words with Friends games before hitting the light because I was up at 6 am for meeting at 7 this morning. 

So really. Do I just need to figure out how to function on less sleep without injecting coffee into my veins.  I know other people can do it. I guess I need to become other people?  I don't really like the sound of that. (Side note- I can't get this paragraph to be the same size font as the rest of the entry.  If you are seeing this as smaller than the rest just know I tried.)

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  1. You need to incorporate a little bit of "fuck it" into your routine my love. That way things will flow easier. Yup.