Monday, November 1, 2010

Pumpkin Carving…

This is a Halloween tradition that is not for the weak or timid.  It takes precision, patience, and persistence. The use of opposable thumbs. It takes a basic understanding of shapes and an awareness that the end product might look like it was art directed by a youngster learning shapes.

Behold Cyclops Vampire
We'll call him Cy.

Cy is what I did for my office’s pumpkin carving contest.  This is a contest in which you vote for the pumpkin you think is best. I entered my pumpkin because I figured I would help fill out the field.  There had been a rumor going around that not a lot of people were going to enter pumpkins because they were too busy at work.  Needless to say given the field of entries mine wasn’t the best.

So, my “cannot-tell-a-lie-with-a-single-bone-in-my-body” self did not vote for Cy. Poor Cy.

Here were the winners:

PacMan going for the Ghost.

Tiffany Lamp
This wasn’t the only round of carving this year.  We went over to a friend’s place Saturday night and everyone brought pizza and pumpkins.  We all carved a pumpkin and ate the toasted seeds (which reminds me I have seeds that still need toasting).

Here’s the family photo:
Top row left to right: Dan's Life and Times of Time Character, My Scaredy Goofball, Lisa's Traditional
Bottom row left to right: Carrie's Owl, My Justin's Silly Guy, Sara's Voldemort, Carrie's Justin's Angry Baby Pumpkin, Jamie's Snarky Guy

Fun was had by all, though it was decided that pumpkin carving is some ridiculously hard work and it’s a good thing people are only expected to do it once a year.

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