Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Tempus Fugit...

Or as I typed it into google to get the Latin Translation that I should have known- Time Flies.

I cannot believe how quickly this month has flown by.

10/03/2010 We saw Daniel Tosh when he came through town on his "World Tour"
10/07-09/2010 We spent approximately 21 hours, not including travel time, watching awesome bands perform at ACL (Austin City Limits- not the body part)
10/13-17/10 Spent some time in San Francisco and Napa celebrating my best friend's 30th (it's creeping up on me) birthday

I have pics from everything but Tosh- for fear of lashings from a volunteer usher- those people are serious at the Majestic Theatre when they say no pictures.  And the smarties who defy them with their phones and cameras flashing deserve what's coming to them.

Tonight is JLSA Ole Preview Party!  My mom and a bunch of friends are going and I am super psyched that so many people are willing to buy a ticket to support JLSA so that they can do a little bit of shopping.

Wookie! is still a horse.  That is the one thing that didn't change.  Actually, he is bigger.

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